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Rich People’s Taxes Have Little to Do with Job Creation

Conservative Arguments that Higher Income Taxes for the Wealthy Hurt Employment Don’t Hold Up to Scrutiny By Michael Linden Center for American Progress, June 27, 2011 Last week we pointed out that even though conservatives seem obsessed with the top income tax rate, overall economic growth was actually stronger during periods of higher tax rates. But maybe we missed the point. Maybe what conservatives are really concerned about is job ... Read more

Will Tax Holiday Kill Social Security>

Ignoring liberal Dems, Obama endorses longer payroll tax holiday through 2012 By Mike Lillis The Hill, June, 29, 2011 President Obama on Wednesday reiterated his push to extend an existing payroll tax holiday through 2012 – a move denounced by liberal Democrats who fear the reduction in revenues will undermine Social Security. “I think that it makes perfect sense for us to take a look at, can we extend the payroll tax, for example, an ... Read more