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The Standard & Poor’s Agenda

By George Zornick August 8, 2011, The Nation Standard & Poor’s declared in April that if $4 trillion in savings was not achieved in the debt ceiling deal, it would downgrade the government’s credit rating from AAA status. They did so on Friday, citing not only a deal that achieved “only” $2.1 trillion in savings but also Republican intransigence against raising new revenue and the party’s hostage-taking over the debt ceiling. The agency ... Read more

Why S&P Has No Business Downgrading the U.S.

By Robert Reich Friday, August 5, 2011 Standard & Poor’s downgrade of America’s debt couldn’t come at a worse time. The result is likely to be higher borrowing costs for the government at all levels, and higher interest on your variable-rate mortgage, your auto loan, your credit card loans, and every other penny you borrow. Why did S&P do it? Not because America failed to pay its creditors on time. As you may have noticed, we avoided ... Read more