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America’s 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities

Could a Tottenham happen In the United States? And, if so where? By Chaz Valenza OpedNews, August 11, 2011 London Riots by Late Breaking News Here’s a list of 14 large American cities that may be ready to erupt.   They have been identified by sorting common social, economic and demographic data including: unemployment, education, income, crime, housing and homelessness. Other data was also included that might indicate probable ... Read more

The City of Riots, London, Is Also the City of the Greatest Wealth Divide in the Developed World

London’s richest people worth 273 times more than the poorest Academic argues in new book that society has the widest divide since the days of slavery By Randeeo Ramesh The Guardian, April 21, 2010 London is the most unequal city in the developed world. Photograph: Sarah Lee London is most unequal city in the developed world, with the richest tenth of the population amassing 273 times the wealth owned by the bottom tenth – which ... Read more