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Washington Lunacy

By Robert Weissman Public Citizen, July 29, 2011 Washington is in the grip of a fever. It’s hard to find a word other than lunacy to describe what’s going on. We are veering toward potential economic catastrophe. And Congress is hung up on a debate that shouldn’t be occurring. It is debating an imaginary problem that conjures ... Read more

Rich People’s Taxes Have Little to Do with Job Creation

Conservative Arguments that Higher Income Taxes for the Wealthy Hurt Employment Don’t Hold Up to Scrutiny By Michael Linden Center for American Progress, June 27, 2011 Last week we pointed out that even though conservatives seem obsessed with the top income tax rate, overall ... Read more

States That Cut The Most Spending Have Lost The Most Jobs

By Adam Hersh Think Progress, June 27, 2011 There’s a new cult of economic thought sweeping the nation — or at least many Republican (and even some Democratic) political circles. Its adherents cling to the erroneous belief that sharp government spending cuts will revitalize economic ... Read more