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Verizon Strike Highlights Union Effect on Middle Class Jobs

By Kari Lydersen In These Times, August 15, 2011 Verizon employees rally in Boston’s Post Office Square on the steps of the Verizon building on July 31, 2003.   (Photo by Douglas McFadd/Getty Images) State officials nationwide — most prominently governors Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Chris Christie in New Jersey—have attacked unionized nurses and teachers as overpaid, as part of a larger campaign against public sector unions. Now ... Read more

America’s 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities

Could a Tottenham happen In the United States? And, if so where? By Chaz Valenza OpedNews, August 11, 2011 London Riots by Late Breaking News Here’s a list of 14 large American cities that may be ready to erupt.   They have been identified by sorting common social, economic and demographic data including: unemployment, education, income, crime, housing and homelessness. Other data was also included that might indicate probable ... Read more

Courts should curb executive pay

Delaware Chancery set an example by allowing claim that Citigroup CEO?s huge severance was a waste of assets. Daniel J. Morrissey The National Law Journal, August 15, 2011   Gonzaga University School of Law’s Daniel Morrissey Social critics have long pointed out that corporate boards routinely sign blank checks that award lush remuneration to top executives of their companies. But not since the Great Depression have shareholders ... Read more

Inequality Data & Statistics

Inequality.org   Inequality data and statistics give us an important incite into the state of our economy and the health of our society. In this section, we offer quick takes on economic inequality, as categorized in five key areas: income, wealth, global, health, and racial. In each category, we chart some inequality statistics and discuss the basic numbers. You can click on each of the section headings to find more data on that topic ... Read more

The “Recovery” is Making Americans Poorer

How Recession Is Hastening the Wal-Martization of America A new report finds that the vast majority of the jobs created in the so-called recovery have been low-wage jobs. That’s a recipe for continued economic pain. By Sarah Jaffe Alternet, August 2, 2011 With all the focus on the drama surrounding the debt ceiling, and the much-too-late focus on the economic pain the final deal’s austerity agenda will inflict, items that really ... Read more