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Solution to the Budget Shortfall: The ‘R.A.T.S. TAX PROGRAM’ To Make the Rich and Corporations Pay

By Jack Rasmus June 30, 2011 COMMENTARY: As the deficit-debt debates intensify it is becoming increasing clear that Teapublicans want only draconian cuts in spending, social security-medicare-medicaid and public education in particular. Democrats want cuts but also modest tax increases. Both have agreed already that the cuts will be several times the tax hikes, if any. Democrats are content to pare the edges of the massive tax cuts for ... Read more

Death Derivatives: Wall Street’s Latest Ill-Advised Maneuver

May 24, 2011 Death Derivatives: Wall Street’s Latest Ill-Advised Maneuver By Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist Money Morning, May 24, 2011 I just spotted the next global “black swan.” But I think it actually looks like a giant Pteranodon. I’m talking about so-called “death derivatives.” The Lowdown on “Death Derivatives” After betting trillions on everything from liar loans to ... Read more