The Scourge of ‘Peak Oil’

When demand for oil consistently surpasses supply, experts warn that our lives will look “very differently”. By Dahr Jamail Al Jazeera, Juyly 26, 2011 Energy derived from oil reaches, quite literally, every aspect of our lives. “We’re going to see major changes in industrial civilisation … ... Read more

None Dare Call It Privatization

Dispatch from a high-powered conference spelling out a new strategy for raiding the commons, be wary of public-private partnership-the new code words for corporate giveaways by Tom Tresser On The Commons, July 28, 2011 At the Hyatt Lodge Hotel on the McDonald’s corporate campus in Oak Brook, Illinois, June 24, ... Read more

CEOs to Workers: More for Me, Less for You

“Reductions in wages and benefits explain the majority of the net improvement in [profit] margins . . . US labor compensation is now at a 50-year low relative to both company sales and US GDP,” JP Morgan investor newsletter. By Holly Sklar Common Dreams, July 25, 2011 Big company CEOs got a 23 ... Read more

The Tax Burden of the Very Rich

When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income. — Plato, The Republic By Christopher Brauchli Common Dreams, July 23, 2011 The purpose of this piece is to identify for readers how an unjust tax system treats the very wealthy. Once that is understood it is ... Read more

Data Shows All of Earth’s Systems in Rapid Decline

By Stephen Leahy IPS, July 30, 2011 UXBRIDGE, Canada, Jul 29, 2011 (IPS) – Protecting bits of nature here and there will not prevent humanity from losing our life support system. Even if areas dedicated to conserving plants, animals, and other species that provide Earth’s life ... Read more

U.S. Economy Slowed Sharply in First Half of 2011

Sluggish second quarter follows near stagnant first. By Peter Fulham Slate July 29, 2011   The U.S. economy suffered another quarter of sluggish economic growth from April to June, growing a mere 1.3 percent, according to a Commerce Department report released Friday. The numbers present the ... Read more

The Forgotten Legacy of the Excess Profits Tax

By Phil Mattera Dirt Diggers, Digest, July 21, 2011 Behind all the ideological posturing going on in Washington over the debt ceiling, there is a surprising amount of consensus on the wrongheaded proposition that corporations need more tax relief. The bipartisan Gang of Six plan that has recently ... Read more

The Weird Battle Over the Debt Ceiling

Washington, DC is Exaggerating Debt Issue to Push an Agenda to Please Campaign Contributors and Hide the Real Causes of Debt By Dean Baker Al Jazeera, July 28. 2011 Policy debates in Washington are moving ever further from reality as a small elite is moving to strip benefits that the vast majority need and ... Read more