Why Is President Obama So Anxious to Cut Social Security?

By Dean Baker Truthout, August 22, 2011 On his tour of the Midwest last week, President Obama again indicated his interest in cutting Social Security. He repeated a proposal that his administration first put forward in the debt ceiling negotiations: he wants to cut the annual cost of ... Read more

Obama administration tries to stop prosecution of banks

By Glenn Greenwald Salon, August 23, 2011 AP/iStockphoto/Sparky2000 Barack Obama and Eric Schneiderman In mid-May, I wrote about the commendable — one might say heroic — efforts of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to single-handedly impose meaningful accountability ... Read more

In Baltimore, homes for $10,000 — and less

Housing prices continue to fall through much of the region, with some of the most striking examples in city neighborhoods By Jamie Smith Hopkins The Baltimore Sun, August 20, 2011 Andrew Wells is hoping to buy a Baltimore home for around the cost of an old car: Less than $10,000. Turns out ... Read more

Obamacare in deeper trouble as corporados cut benefits

Progressive Review August 23, 2011 Kaiser Health News – In 2012, 63% of employers will increase the employee percentage contribution to premium costs, and 39% will increase increase in-network deductibles. Most employers will increase those amounts by less than 10%. Fewer employers ... Read more

Why are U.S. children becoming less creative?

Researchers argue that an emphasis on standardized testing has hurt creativity in children. LiveScience Aug 12 2011 Photo: LiveScience It sounds like the complaint of a jaded adult: Kids these days are narrow-minded and just not as creative as they used to be. But researchers say they are finding ... Read more