Arctic ice cover hits historic low: scientists

By Marlowe Hood AFP, September 11, 2011 PARIS — The area covered by Arctic sea ice reached its lowest point this week since the start of satellite observations in 1972, German researchers announced on Saturday. “On September 8, the extent of the Arctic sea ice was 4.240 million square ... Read more

U.S. Obtains Data From 10 Swiss Banks In Tax-Dodging Probe

Reuters September 10, 2011 ZURICH – U.S. authorities now have statistical data from the ten Swiss banks being investigated by the United States for helping U.S. clients to dodge taxes, Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung reported on Saturday. TagesAnzeiger, another Swiss ... Read more

Hedge funds buying massive tracts of African farmland

Over 148 million acres of farmland in Africa have been purchased by Western hedge funds in the last three years. Here and Now August 10, 2011 Western hedge funds have begun buying up vast parcels of land all over Africa. According to a series of new reports by the Oakland Institute, over 148 ... Read more

Time is Right to Move Your Money Out of the Big Banks

By  Don McNay Huffington Post, August 4, 2011 Hey I think the time is right for a palace revolution but where I live the game to play is compromise solution -The Rolling Stones. Most of us have an idea of what a small-town banker should be like. It’s George Bailey, the character Jimmy Stewart played in It’s a Wonderful Life. We ... Read more