Unnecessary Austerity, Unnecessary Shutdow

Reversing tax giveaways to the super-rich and the nation’s largest corporations could raise $4 trillion within a decade and avert possible government closures. By Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg, Scott Klinger, Sam Pizzigati Institute for Policy Studies, July 25, 2011 “We’re ... Read more

An Economy Destroyed

The Enemy is Washington By Paul Craig Roberts Counterpunch, July 22-24, 2011 Recently, the bond rating agencies that gave junk derivatives triple-A ratings threatened to downgrade US Treasury bonds if the White House and Congress did not reach a deficit reduction deal and debt ceiling increase. The downgrade threat is not ... Read more

Why Medicare Is the Solution — Not the Problem

By Robert Reich Reich Blog, July 22, 2011 Not only is Social Security on the chopping block in order to respond to Republican extortion. So is Medicare. But Medicare isn’t the nation’s budgetary problems. It’s the solution. The real problem is the soaring costs of health care that lie ... Read more

A Big Week for the New Consumer Agency

By Elizabeth Warren Huffington Post, July 24, 2011 This is a big week for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Today, the President will announce his intent to nominate Richard Cordray to serve as the first Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. On Thursday, the CFPB makes its ... Read more