Why the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts is Bogus

By Robert Naiman Just Foreign Policy, August 16, 2011 For the first time in a decade, significant cuts in projected military spending are on the table. If the “Super Congress” doesn’t reach a deal on $1.2 trillion in debt reduction over the next ten years by Thanksgiving, ... Read more

Organic v. Monsanto

By Danielle Magnuson Utne Reader More than 270,000 organic farmers are taking on corporate agriculture giant Monsanto in a lawsuit filed March 30. Led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the family farmers are fighting for the right to keep a portion of the world food supply organic—and preemptively protecting ... Read more

Physicians waste huge sums dealing with insurers

Progressive Review University of Toronto – U.S. physician practices could save nearly $28 billion per year if they could bring costs associated with dealing with health insurers and payers more in line with Canadian physician practices, says a new University of Toronto study in the August ... Read more

“The World Consequences of U.S. Decline”

By Immanuel Wal lerstein A decade ago, when I and some others spoke of U.S. decline in the world-system, we were met at best with condescending smiles at our naivety. Was not the United States the lone superpower, involved in every remote corner of the earth, and getting its way most of the time? This was a ... Read more

Verizon Strike Highlights Union Effect on Middle Class Jobs

By Kari Lydersen In These Times, August 15, 2011 Verizon employees rally in Boston’s Post Office Square on the steps of the Verizon building on July 31, 2003.   (Photo by Douglas McFadd/Getty Images) State officials nationwide — most prominently governors Scott Walker in ... Read more

America’s 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities

Could a Tottenham happen In the United States? And, if so where? By Chaz Valenza OpedNews, August 11, 2011 London Riots by Late Breaking News Here’s a list of 14 large American cities that may be ready to erupt.   They have been identified by sorting common social, economic and demographic data including: unemployment, education, ... Read more

Is Capitalism Doomed?

By Nouriel Roubini Project Syndicate, August 15, 2011 NEW YORK – The massive volatility and sharp equity-price correction now hitting global financial markets signal that most advanced economies are on the brink of a double-dip recession. A financial and economic crisis caused by too much private-sector debt and leverage ... Read more