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Community Control Of Land And Housing

A historical legacy of displacement and exclusion, firmly rooted in racism and discriminatory public policy, has fundamentally restricted access to land and housing and shaped ownership dynamics, particularly for people of color and low-income communities. Today, many communities across the country are ... Read more

Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

I’ve traveled in a lot of major US cities in the last year outside of my hometown of Boston, Mass. Most of them are experiencing gentrification as wealthy newcomers drive up the cost of housing and displace long-time residents. But there’s an additional disruptive force — a sort of globally supercharged ... Read more

Where Evictions Hurt The Most

Where Evictions Hurt The Most
Above Photo: A foreclosure notice on a home in Cincinnati, one of cities with the highest eviction rates in the U.S. John Sommers II/Reuters A new Apartment List report aims to more accurately estimate the scope of America’s eviction problem. Measuring the scale of America’s eviction problem has been a ... Read more