Selling Lemonade To Save Your Mother’s Life? That’s American Healthcare For You

When 11-year-old Nemiah Martinez of Las Cruces, New Mexico, found out her mom needed money to help her get a kidney and pancreas transplant, she didn’t waste time feeling sorry for herself. She got off her 11-year-old behind, pulled herself up by her Dora the Explorer shoelaces, and opened a lemonade stand. To date, she’s raised over $1,000 for her mom’s care by selling drinks out of her family’s garage every weekend for $1.50 a pop. Now, with any luck, this resourceful little girl might still have a mother by the time she graduates from high school. “I’m the lucky one,” Nemiah’s mom, Paloma, told ABC News. ABC News portrayed Nemiah’s plight as a feelgood human interest story. One radio show called the story “heartwarming”. We should call it what it really is: a damning indictment of everything that’s wrong with America.
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