Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Moral Question of Poverty and Gluttony

Robert Reich We dodged an­other shut-down bul­let, but only until No­vem­ber 18. That’s when the next tem­po­rary bill to keep the gov­ern­ment going runs out. House Re­pub­li­cans want more bud­get cuts as their price for an­other stop­gap spend­ing bill. Among other items, Re­pub­li­cans are ... Read more

Nine American Cities Going Broke

By Charles Stockdale Wall Street 24/7 September 27, 2011 Of the 7,800 bonds in the U.S. secured by state or local governments, only 25 are currently speculative-grade, or junk-bonds, rated by Moody’s Ba1 or lower. Only municipalities received such low ratings, and the reasons vary. Moody’s report, “A Look at ... Read more


By Harry Targ Heartland Radical, September 28, 2011 On Monday, September 26, the Reverend Jesse Jackson visited Ohio University, located at the northern edge of Appalachia. President Lyndon Johnson had introduced his vision of a “Great Society” in 1964 at this site and Jackson was returning 47 years later to call ... Read more

Move Your Money Campaign: Churches Divest From Big Banks

Bay Area Faith Leaders to Divest Church Funds From Big Banks That Have Destroyed Their Communities By Lauren Kelley AlterNet, September 24, 2011 These Bay Area faith leaders are super awesome: On the afternoon of Monday, September 26, a broad coalition of homeowners, community members, ... Read more

The virtues of decentralizing government

By Sam Smith Progressive Review, September 27, 2011 One significant reason liberals don’t do better these days is because they’ve turned their backs on the sensible decentralization of government. They have forgotten the devolutionary principles of the 1960s leftists or the fact that many of their ... Read more

Ten Days on Picket Line Protects Tacoma Teachers Salaries

Victory for Tacoma teachers Dan Trocolli, a member of the Seattle Education Association, reports on the widespread implications of a victory by Tacoma public school teachers. September 27, 2011 Tacoma teachers on the picket line in defiance of a judge’s injunction AFTER 10 days on ... Read more

Biggest Healthcare Strike Ever

CNA Joins NUHW by CAL WINSLOW Counterpunch, September 27, 2011 California healthcare workers have now taken their fight to another level – on Thursday, September 22, some 21,000 struck the huge Kaiser Permanente chain, 24 major medical centers – while more struck Sutter, Kaiser’s healthcare partner in crime, also ... Read more